Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Patch

 A few weeks ago I posted about Mettiamoci una pezza. A special project for the city of L'Aquila which was destroyed during the 2009 earthquake.  Tomorrow is the three year anniversay and the cultural association Annimamersa is covering the broken and gray city with color........ beautiful "patches" to patch up what is broken.  I have been teaching crochet in the elementary school here and we decided to take this on as a project, so I feel very proud to show you all our FO. Each child made a 10x10 cm square (some made more than one!) and then I embroidered their initals and class, and crocheted them together. They really worked hard and showed incredible enthusiasm for this project, with true spirit for helping others. Hats off to the kids and tomorrow our hearts will be in L'aquila, along with our "patch"