Thursday, November 3, 2011


What?? Just when you thought Halloween was over............. Here I am! Better late than never!!! Well, I really wanted to post on Halloween , but I was just TOO busy. Anyway, since this really is supposed to be a craft blog, I thought I would post this just the same and that'll give you plenty of time to make them for next year!  There were plenty of these going ,or "floating" I should say, around the web. I saw them and just HAD to make them, in a hurry, since I was super busy organizing my huge Halloween event.  These actually took me way back to when I was a little girl because I remember making "stained glass jars" with the same technique. I have actually decided to make some of these cuties for Christmas too, so I'll post when I do. Anyway, all you need is some colored tissue paper, scissors, craft clue or mod podge,a paint brush, jars and a clear glaze(optional) oh, and some glitter if you'd like. First , dilute your glue with a little water, about 60/40( I just wing it), then tear your background tissue paper into pieces .You can use a whole piece if you don't like the stained glass effect, but you'll need to measure it by wrapping it around your jar before starting and cutting it at the correct height too. Then, paint your jar with the glue mixture, being careful to drip the excess off the brush before painting, and apply your tissue paper. While that's drying, cut out your silly or scary faces or anything else you want to use. With an almost dry brush, carefully paint  glue mix onto the face parts and position them on the jar. I usually go over the whole jar with a bit of glue to make sure it all sticks well, but don't touch the face parts or they are bound to move. let dry well and if you'd like use some glaze or flatting to seal. I used the non-toxic type that's used for wooden toys. It's safer and almost odorless.Last, but not least; a little glue mixture around the top, then dip it in the glitter of your choice , and VoilĂ  or should I say BOO! There is your spooky jar-o-lantern.  My favorite is the goofy- faced one!

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