Friday, September 23, 2011

Creative Juices

I wonder what it is that gets those creative juices flowing? I don't know if it's the change of season or what, but my mind is just full of ideas of what to make. So many that I'm afraid I'll forget some of them! My kids have commented that I often stand in the middle of a room and sort of space out,  occasionally making senseless comments , so I have started writing them down .Either creativity has struck, or I am losing a few marbles!

I think this is a common thing among creative people of any kind. Look at writers, they get on a roll and can finish a whole book! Other times thy get writers block and can't work at all!  The same goes for artists. I have a relative who reproduces Leonardo Da Vinci's machines. He has made several of them, all meticulously produced in wood, stone and linen. I will be helping him with an exposition next week and so he was explaining some of Da Vinci's work to me.  Now, I certainly would never compare myself to such a genius, but just think of all the things he did, how his mind worked and all the sketches he drew of his inventions, many of which we still use today. Yet he never built them, most were only on paper. I should think because his mind had already moved on to his next masterpiece. What an incredible rush of creativity!

With all these things in my mind that I wish to create, my only problem is not having enough time! I have three WIP's right now and many to do's on the list, I have a feeling the next post will be filled with pictures!! Stay tuned..........

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