Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tubular Flounce Cowl or Boa Scarf tutorial

Well, here it goes! Wish me luck on my first photo tutorial! I made another cowl with flounce and decided to try a tubular version with this lovely, wool bordered, flounce. It was originally supposed to be a Boa scarf, but, after 2 skeins, I decided to make a cowl instead. This is because since I paid €4 a skein, it was getting a bit expensive and when I sell it, I certainly wouldn't be able to raise the price to cover the cost, unless my work was free! I think it came out well as a cowl, too.

A note before starting: This is easy, but time consuming. If you've never used flounce before, it takes awhile to get used to, so if your looking for a quick project, this probably isn't it. Crochet loosely, flounce is not friendly to tight stitches. Also, be sure to mark the first stitch in each round. I use a paper clip (thank you futuregirl) it's easy to close too! After each round, count your stitches, It's easy to add in extras but if you check each round before starting a new one, you can rip a small amount.

This pattern was designed by me so please do not sell any part of it, or take credit for the pattern and photos. You may share this pattern with others free of charge. As for the items you make using it, you may sell them, but please refer people to my blog if they ask about it.

Now to work!

You'll need:  a K hook(6.5 mm), stitch marker,tapestry needle, 55 yards (50 meters) of flounce for the cowl  or 110 yards (100 meters) for a scarf, patience(lol)

All terms in this pattern are American, for British, please adapt. This is worked in dc, but tr crochet works up nicely too. If you choose tr remember to ch 4.

Since you can't make a regular starting knot, here's what you do ; open your flounce and, leaving about an inch tail (2cm), insert your hook inot the middle of the flounce net, then, using about1/3 of the flounce(stick your hook through),yarn over and pull through. this is considered your knot. Do not count as a stitch.

Now, doing the same thing, ch 9. Please open your flounce as you go, it makes it easier to work with. Then join in a circle with the 9th stitch from hook (the first you made),  ch 3 (or 4 for treble)
Now, dc around until you get to the ch3.dc into the 3rd ch of ch3 and place your stitch marker here (this is your first stitch of the secound round). This is not something you can normally do in crochet, because you would see the gap, and it would look messy, but with flounce you can,because it's covered by the ruffles. If you would like to be more precise, you could sl st at the end of the round,ch 3(or 4) and continue on.

Continue working in spirals until desired length is reached.
If you're making the cowl, make it just a little roomy around the neck.

It looks something like this as you're going along.
 Now for fastening off. When you've completed the last stitch of the round, put your hook through the first, and YO with ALL of the flounce. Now sl st.

Now YO again with ALL the flounce and pull through, making a knot. Weave in end. I also threaded a tapestry needle and went down a row and knotted around two stitches for safety,then cut closely. The great thing is you can't see the knots because they're hidden by the ruffles! Sew in and knot tail at other end.

If you're making the cowl, you will need to make a chain using all the flounce, about one and a half times your cowl. On the last chain,take out your hook and insert a tunisian hook, or the longest hook you have into the middle of the cowl,squish it down as far as possible onto the hook, insert the hook into the last chain you made, pull yarn tight around hook and CAREFULLY pull hook and chain through the cowl. It may take a couple of tries to get it through. (Don't forget to leave out a peace at the other end!) Knot off both ends of string and cut!

That's it! Now you'll be warm and beautiful!

I hope you enjoy the pattern, if you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or on ravelry.


  1. Hello, it's a beautiful cowl, I never seen that kind of yarn before. Can you tell me what kind it is or where can i find it? I will appreciate the info. Cheers!

  2. This is just what I was looking for today. My boss walked in my office today with a friend's scarf and said "Make me this!!" Now I can.

  3. I am so glad! Let me know if you need any help and I'd love to see it when it's finished!!