Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, it's winter and we haven't seen any snow this year, so I'm hanging up these gorgeous flakes I made last year as a good omen. The pictures really don't do them justice! There are many free patterns ravelry on and I also used this wonderful  book . I've made several and they look really beautiful if you hang them on nylon fishing or jewelery line in the windows. I'd like to share how I blocked them with you. There are different methods; starching, sugar/water (which tends to turn yellow after awhile) or glue/ water which I prefer.

You will need:
* A corkboard
  • Stainless steel pins (they must be stainless so that they don’t rust!)
  • a thimble
  • small pliers
plastic document covers
  • a blocking chart, I’ve made three to cover the whole board. You can make these yourself by using a ruler and making three lines that cross in the middle.
  • a solution of 1/2 craft, Elmer’s or vinylic glue and 1/2 water. Make as little or as much as you need for your snowflakes.
glitter ,if desired

First, draw your chart and fit it in the plastic cover. You’ll need one chart for each flake. Then with pins or tacks secure the plastic covered chart to the cork board.

If you want glitter on both sides of the flake, sprinkle a little on the chart before you put the flake down.

Next, mix the glue and water.
Then, take one snowflake and completely immerse in mixture, get your fingers in there, it’s a messy job,but someone’s gotta do it!

Squeeze out the excess mixture, blot with an old towel and place on top of the plastic covered chart. Now, carefully open completely and, starting at the top, place pins all along the outside of the flake. Use a thimble to push the pins or you fingers will hurt! Then place pins on the inside of flake, and especially anywhere there are picots etc…
Once you are finished with the pins, sprinkle glitter evenly.

 (sorry this picture is so dark!)
Let dry 24 hours and carefully remove the pins with the pliers,again, to save those precious fingers! VoilĂ ! Your beautiful snowflakes will hang all winter long!

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  1. Your Snowflakes are absolutely magical. You are so patient and clever.