Monday, January 30, 2012

sisal crochet

If you read my last post, you must think I'm really crazy now, because after I bought all that gorgeous yarn, here I am crocheting with sisal cord! One of the things I LOVE about crochet is it's absolute versatility. You can completely alter  a pattern by using a different size hook or a different type of material. You can crochet with wire, old t-shirts, paracord, string, plastic bags, raphia or anything your heart desires. I like to change sometimes, so I decided to use sisal cord, which I love, and is great for household items.It can be used to make trivets, placemats, table runners, picture frames, you can even make a doormat with it! I decided to use it for a planter in this case. I hope you like how it turned out! Imagination is the key♥

1 comment:

  1. I am just getting my head around basic crochet, sisal crochet looks marvellous - thanks for introducing me to it. That plant po looks so natural.