Monday, February 20, 2012

Patching things up

Today I wanted to share a project that I am participating in, in hopes that, if you crochet or knit, you might too. It's called "Let's Patch it" in Italian "Mettiamoci una pezza". In April of 2009 the city of l'Aquila in the Abruzzo region in Italy was destoyed by a terrible earthquake. Today, almost three years later, it still has not been re-built. Every year Animammersa, a local organization, does something to call people's attention to this city in hopes that something will be done. This year, they are organizing a giant yarn bomb/ urban knitting(and crochet) event on April 6th to commemorate.  They are asking anyone who wants to participate (even from far away) to make a "patch" and send it to them. Then they will put them together and display them in the city's center. The pieces should measure either 40x40 cms or 20x20 cms, or 50x50 cms. or 25x25cms. You may use any yarn,stisch, color  or method of your choice. Even a loom! They are also accepting flowers (crochet or knit of course) the link to the site is here. Please scroll down for English. If you do participate, don't forget to attatch a tag with your name and the city you live in. Please send them, by March 24th to:

Associazione Culturale Animammersa
c/o Patrizia Bernardi via Strada Statale 17 Bis SNC
67100 Paganica L’AQUILA

I'll be participating with the crochet group I am in on facebook, but have decided to make this our class project in the two fifth grade classes I am teaching crochet to. The kids are really excited!

If you can, please spread the word. The more we are, the more beautiful l'Aquila will be! Hopefully not just for one day :)

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