Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, today is Valentine's Day and although in Italy it's a couples' holiday, I much prefer the U.S. version, or rather, a day to tell people that you love and care about just how you feel! I know many people think that Valentine's day is a bunch of comercial hype, but I don't, because I think that any holiday is what you make it. So if you are worried about flowers, candy, what to buy etc.... then it will be a commercial holiday, but if you use it as a day to tell someone just how you feel, which is something that most people don't do every day, then it wil be a special, heart-felt holiday.

As I've said before, I like to decorate seasonally and for holidays too, so there's always something nice hanging somewhere in the house. I also have a love for wreaths, so my latest project is a Valentine's day wreath. The crocheted heart was made as a Social Crochet  project. But you can get the original pattern in English here. The other hearts are made with felt. If you want to make one, you can add as many hearts as you like. I only wanted three, because I like to keep things simple.

Unfortunately, my naughty kitten got ahold of the heart and pulled a couple of stitches, so it's not perfect : /

Also, as a special gift, the wonderful people over at ravelry created some fantastic valentines that you can send to your friends. Just like when you were a kid in school. Gotta love it! Peace and Love

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