Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unfaithfully Yours

Yes, it's true, I have been unfaithful. I am attracted to someone new and have been seeing them every day without shame! Did I get your attention?!

Well, as you know, I am a multi- crafter, I think many people who craft are, and although crochet is my true love, every once in awhile I betray my hooks and learn something new.

Tatting is something that has intrigued me for quite some time, but since it is time consuming, I just didn't ever get around to trying. Last year I bought myself two shuttles and a book and added learning to tat to my list of new year's resolutions for 2013. After seeing a few projects that my friends in my crochet groups had tried, I was inspired. I tried shuttle tatting a couple of times, but it is quite complex and decided to start with needle tatting. I could only get my hands on a mattress needle to start with, so I used it to get the gist of how it works and help me with tension, while I waited for my tatting needles to come in the mail. This is a whole new world to me and I am so excited!

I followed a few patterns, and also experimented on my own. In the mean time I have been pinning away on my Pinterest board and researching blogs of some very talented tatters. One of them is Totus Mel . She is extremely talented at needle tatting and has some great videos on YouTube too!  Another is Yarnplayertats there is some incredible tatting going on here folks. There are many others, these are only two and I also found RustiKate's video to be very helpful.  In Italian the are some wonderful video tutorials byDaniela. I just thought I would add these links in case any of you are inspired to start learning this incredible art.

I just completed this set and I really must say thank you to my friend Le Giugge, because she is the one who gave me the pattern. When I saw hers, I fell in love and just new I had to make it! Thank you also goes to my friend Daniela, who has shared her knowledge with me and Mindi who gave me some beautiful patterns. Happy tatting! :)

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