Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I know this blog is supposed to be about creativity, but something terrible happened, and I just can't help but write about it.  Yesterday we found out that our beloved cat Felix suffered a terrible fate. The other night we were out on the terrace, playing a board game and he was with us.  Suddenly an ambulance came rushing up the street with it's siren on and scared him so much he darted out across the street,into the neighbors' yard and when he tried to pass through their fence to another yard, his collar got caught.

I suppose if you aren't an animal lover, you won't understand this, but I am devastated. We got him when he was only a few weeks old.  He was found abbandoned in a box in the park with his brothers and sisters and we couldn't help but love him right away.  He had such personality, he was almost human. He loved to be outside and was a real hunter, but was VERY affectionate too and always wanting to be cuddled. As you can see he was a beautiful cat and I used to tease him by calling him "Brutto" which means ugly in Italian, because everyone else was always saying how beautiful and soft he was.  Yesterday afternnon my neighbor came and told me he had found him and last night we buried him.  Since I found out, I can't stop crying. He was so special to us.

I have lost many animals in my lifetime, but this is definitely going to be the hardest to get over.

Goodbye Felix. We love you and you'll always have a special place in our hearts♥

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